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Picture of ArtemisLetter Artemis: Ancient Greece.
Sovereign goddess of the crescent moon;
beholden to no man.
Mistress of the hunt
and of wild animals.

In the dark of winter,
the crescent moon has not yet risen.
The blackness is deep and cold.
In the distance, a rumbling sound.
The spirits of the land.
The spirits of the dead are riding.
The wild hunt has begun.

In our neatly manicured suburban homes, we come under the illusion that the wild hunt cannot reach us. Our neatly wrapped plastic packages of meat. Our childbirth numbed by anesthesia. Our fairy tales with happy endings. Our alarm systems, diaper genies, firewalls, sleeping pills…but the darkness is still there. Lying in wait, pushed deeper and deeper down. What would happen if we looked at it? Looked it right in the face? Artemis is at peace in the dark. Her companions are wild, untamed animals: growling, snarling, biting forces of nature. Yet she can move among them unharmed. Artemis is with you when the wild hunt descends upon you, the spirits of the past, hungry, forgotten. Artemis shows us another way. We can make the wild hunt part of us. We can embody the darkness AS WELL AS the light.

Once we see the wild hunt for what is, once we can stare down the darkness and make it part of ourselves, we can finally begin the journey to wholeness. And when we have become whole, we can no longer look at those around us as “other” – we are no longer afraid of the dark. Are you willing to make that journey? Artemis may not wait.

Headshot of Heather Westenhofer, photo by Amanda Lynn Photography
Photo by Amanda Lynn Photography
Suburban Artemis encompasses the creative work of Heather Westenhofer, artist, certified yoga instructor and second-degree priestess of Temple Sophia in Southern California. Drawn to art and religion at an early age, the interplay of these interests manifested itself in many different careers and hobbies. After a period of upheaval, darkness, and introspection, Heather began to synthesize a way forward in communion with the spirits and beliefs of her ancestors. She came to rest in the old religion, honoring the natural world and the divine in both male and female form. She has dedicated her life to birthing the creative work of the goddess, bringing the numinous to earth, and releasing the untamed into the domestic sphere.

Selected Pastels
All artwork © Heather Westenhofer

Jetty, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
1st Place, Amateur Pastels
2018 OC Fair
  Fairy Path, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
"Fairy Path"
Bristlecone1, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
"Bristlecone 1"
  Bristlecone 2, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
"Bristlecone 2"
Watching, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
  Highway 168, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
"Highway 168"
Juniper, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
  Lake St. Clair, Pastel by Heather Westenhofer
"Lake St. Clair"

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